Five Wheel Drive

Other comments from critics:
Kris Garrett ... with a beautifully elastic, crystalline voice ..."

"Margie Nelson, another deeply gifted, charismatic vocalist ..."

"... smoky-toned singer Jennifer Nevin ..."

".. a three-woman vocal dream team."

"In a short time, these seasoned entertainers have gained a great deal of popularity with local audiences, mainly due to their well-crafted original songs and impressive harmonies."

"As record industry moguls in Nashville silently pray for country music's next supergroup, they are unaware of a treasure that awaits far off in the San Gabriel Valley. If they ever find it, the members of Five Wheel Drive may be in for the ride of their lives."
Five Wheel Drive was the brain child of songwriter Dale LaDuke. Dale had worked with guitarist Frank Spano and vocalist Kris Garrett in the country band "Clear County Line" and had maintained his friendship with them following the break up of the band.

After playing some charity gigs with vocalists Margie Nelson and Jennie Nevin, Dale flashed on the idea of having the three girls sing together.

At first Kris, Jennie and Margie were a little intimidated by the idea; each thought the other two were high caliber lead vocalists who would want to be THE lead singer. But after the first rehearsal they realized that here was something special.

The music critic of the Pasadena Weekly put it best: "With three equally impressive singers swapping leads, harmonies and jokes, the band sparkles on stage, but what lingers in the mind is the sum total of the individual parts -- and those luscious harmonies."